Session 2 Assignment – Mini Case Study

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Session 2 Assignment – Mini Case Study

Read about the different Models of Abnormality in the class lecture or in your textbook (pages 33-67.) If you don’t have a textbook, the class lecture notes will be fine. After reading about the different models, consider this mini case study. Answer the following questions after you do your reading. Please make sure you INCLUDE CONCEPTS FROM THE CLASS LECTURE AND/OR THE TEXTBOOK WHEN YOU ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.

Margaret has been tired lately. She reported that she has had less energy for the last 2 weeks. She graduated high school 3 months ago,and still has not enrolled in college or gotten a job. She now sees that most of her friends are busy with school or with work and she is feeling lonely and sad. She does not feel motivated or very confident in her abilities, and she does not know what she wants to do. Her parents have been getting frustrated with her, and she feels very guilty that she is disappointing them. Margaret’s mother decided to take her to a therapist because she was afraid that she was getting depressed. Her mother thought maybe anti-depressant medication might help her mood. Her mother had depression in her life and knew that medication helped her. Margaret said she would give it a try but, “I probably will fail at therapy just like I fail everything.”


Which Model do you think would help Margaret and why? (Minimum of 3 sentences)

Which inventory (BDI, BAI or BHS) would you give Margaret as an assessment and why? (minimum of 3 sentences)

Diagnosing versus Labeling

Read the section in your book about diagnosing and labeling (pages 57-58.) if you do not have a book, you can refer to the lecture notes about diagnosing. Answer the questions below:

1. Do you think it is important to have a diagnosis?

2. Do you think it is a form of labeling? How? Why?

A minimum of 2 sentences for each question is fine. This discussion is worth 2 points.

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