Serial killers in modern American society

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Paper Subject- “Serial killers in modern American society”

Your paper should be a total of not less than five (5) pages in length. Out of that five-page paper, the first and last page should be the title page and the bibliography. Illustrations and photos do not count as a page. A chart may not be counted for more than half of a page. This paper must be written in MLA format.

The title page should be the first page and include:

  • The title of the paper
  • The following class information.
    • Criminal Investigation
    • Semester designations, example: Spring 2017
    • Name of instructor
  • The date submitted.
  • YOUR full name and email address.

The body of the paper should be:

  • Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • Typed and double-spaced. (Do not single-space the paper.)

The main content:

  • Should be college level writing.
  • Does not have to use footnotes.

The last page of the paper should be a bibliography in MLA style and include:

  • Sources, titles, and authors that can be verified or web pages that the URL that can be verified.
  • At least three (3) sources with at least one being a web page (It is acceptable to use web pages for all three sources.)
  • No textbook references as sources.

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