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In this assignment, you will put yourself
in the position of the judge. Which sentence would you impose?

Review the Intermediate Sanctions media.
Explore the options for sentencing that are open to the judge and then decide
which of the intermediate or alternative options you would choose for this
defendant in this case.

In your paper:

Determine the basis for the sentence that
you would impose for this defendant. For example, why do you think he is
eligible for this option? Why is the option you chose the most appropriate of
those offered in the scenario? (Feel free to review evidence presented in The Court
System– Evidence and Procedure media.)

the sentencing options you see in the Intermediate Sanctions media with
information about available sentencing options for felonies in your own state.

a state that allows for intermediate sentencing and identify what criteria must
be present for a defendant to be eligible for an intermediate program in that


Length of paper: 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages, not including the title
page or the references page.

References: A minimum of three references.

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