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Look at a representative group (6-12) of photos of yourself that you think reflect who you are (a self-portrait). You do not need to submit/attach these photos. Write a two-page reflective paper explaining how your respective pictures reflect your self-concept, perceived self-control, and self-presentation. This assignment is based on readings from Chapter Four’s “The Self.” The photos are : Candid with my two dogs, Candid with my husband, posed by myself, posed with my parents, and posed candid by myself.

Keep in mind that this is supposed to be from your point of view—a self-analysis. For instance, if I were to look at a half a dozen photos of myself I would discuss how they represent me as a mom, a wife, a professor, etc. I would discuss how it is to be on the other side of the lens (I’m usually the photographer); how whatever is being captured is personally relevant to me or how it is significant. For instance, was it a place that I traveled to, was it a restaurant that I consider special, etc. You could really go into a lot with this. If it was a candid shot were you as happy with it as compared to a posed shot?


This assignment needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Include the following sections (with a minimum of 2 double-spaced pages of text beyond the title & reference pages):

-Title page (course #/your name/assignment #)

– Discuss why picked photos selected (2 paragraphs)

– Discuss how each photo represents who you are (5-6 paragraphs)

– Conclude whether or not this photo collection accurately captures who you are (1-2


– Reference page (if you used any outside resources to garner your opinions)

  • Do not “directly quote” outside resources (e.g., the textbook). You should get used to paraphrasing outside resources, whereby you put the information in your own words while still citing the source from which you derived your information. Keep in mind that using anything more than three consecutive words of the outside source is considered plagiarism.

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