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A) Since I know you are all working hard on your final essays, I wanted to give you a break, so for this last chapter I want you to choose three topics that interest you and write a paragraph about each of them (3 paragraphs total). After that I want to you answer this one question in as much detail as possible: How did the Cold War end? Remember it was a slow process so take your time explaining it. That means that your total paragraph count for this assignment is4.

B) For this assignment, students should write a 5-page paper examining a world history topic of their choice. The only requirement is that the topic must take place within the second half of world history, that is from the 1450 onward. Please do not write more or less than the five pages required. Less than five pages is not enough to get into detail about your topic, but equally important is learning to streamline your writing and get to the point quickly. Therefore, I will take off points if the paper is more, or less than, five pages, double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with standard margins. You must arrange your work into paragraphs (these paragraphs must be indented with standard indents) with a clear introduction and conclusion. For all of your college courses the key to receiving a good grade on a paper is organization.

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