security and portfolio analysis stock picks

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I do not plan on having you use the StockTrac but i do want you to select some stocks and track them through the semester. We will use these stocks in an assignment later in the semester. So, to get started, please select ten (10) publicly traded stocks and begin tracking their price on the Excel sheet attached to this message

Of the 10 stocks you choose to follow, pick four (4) and write an explanation of why you picked that particular stock. Limit this to a half page on each, so the total is around two pages. Slightly over is ok.

There is a drop box in the Assignments for you to upload your write up and a copy of your spread sheet with the 10 stocks listed and the trading price at the open of the day. You will track the 10 stocks until the last week of the summer semester.

I will be posting additional quizzes today, so be on the look out.

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