Schedule A

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John Smith is a single taxpayer with an AGI of 162,000. Complete Mr. Smith’s Schedule A given the following deductions:

1. Medical and dental expenses = 2,400
2. Real estate taxes from rental properties = 1,680
3. State income taxes withheld on W-2 = 6,700
4. Real estate taxes from personal residence = 3,550
5. Mortgage interest = 15,800
6. Investment interest = 130
7. Cash charitable contributions = 1,770
8. Noncash charitable contributions = 10,760
9. Unreimbursed employee expenses = 3,759
10. Tax preparation fees = 250
11. Subscriptions for business publications = 410
12. General sales tax = 2,500


Clearly identify the requirements being addressed. Complete all applicable fields on the Schedule A Itemized Deductions. Submit a single pdf file for grading.

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