Scenario and Director of Compliance

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Absolutely no plagiarism, must be original and very thorough. Please make sure everything is followed in the question and the grading rubric. Assigned readings are attached but also must include one other academic relevant resource, total of at least 2 references. Must include in-text citations. Please include the free link to the relevant academic source.

Question: Please consider the following hypothetical scenario:

Mr. John Candleson had worked for The Friendliest Candle Store in the World in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the past 7 years, and he has served in the position of Chief Assistant Store Manager for the last 3 years. He has really enjoyed working there during the past 7 years, and he has received stellar performance reviews for his work.

Six months ago, a private equity firm purchased The Friendliest Candle Store in the World. It decided to layoff the store manager and Mr. Candleson’s supervisor, Ms. Susan Doe, and replace her with Mr. William Ambition.

Mr. Ambition, the new store manager, has been charged with the task of making sure that The Friendliest Candle Store in the World is run more efficiently. Since the first week of the change in management, Mr. Ambition has sent hourly e-mails to all employees asking them to report on what they are doing at the moment and ordering them to respond within three minutes. Mr. Ambition has eliminated happy hours and cancelled all holiday parties to save costs. Since Mr. Ambition was hired, a third of the staff has resigned, including many of Mr. Candleson’s friends, but due to the state of the economy, there have been plenty of employees willing to take their place and actually accept even lower wages. The company is more profitable than ever, but at the same time, employee morale is at an all-time low.

Last week, for the third time in the past three months, Mr. Ambition called Mr. Candleson an “idiot” for not having negotiated “the best price possible” on a deal involving a shipment of candles. Mr. Ambition does not normally call employees names, and this remark really offended Mr. Candleson. You are the Director of Compliance of The Friendliest Candle Store in the World, and Mr. Candleson has come to you to report that he has been the victim of bullying in the workplace and file a complaint against Mr. Ambition.

Applying the principles from the materials for this week, how would you, as the Director of Compliance, handle Mr. Candleson’s complaint? Please include in your discussion whether you think Mr. Ambition’s actions constitute an example of bullying in the workplace and what reprimand, if any, Mr. Ambition should receive from the company.


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Please see grading rubric below. This assignment should be at least 4-5 paragraphs long and very thorough. Make sure you integrate real-life applications to support key points.



This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Quality of Initial Response

Initial response displays an excellent understanding of the course readings and underlying concepts and includes the correct use of relevant terminology. Initial response integrates specific real-life application (current events, work or personal experience, prior coursework, etc.) to support key points. Initial response is clear, concise, and compelling.

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Research

Initial response contains at least one reference to a valid (recent, relevant, high-quality) external source of information pertaining to the discussion topic. Research is cited, in-text, to support key points. Integration of research in initial response exceeds expectations. (This should be along with the provided textbook, so a total of 2 references).

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Mechanics

Entirely free of mechanical errors. These include: grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting (font style and size).

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