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Sara and Michael are a young working couple and have two healthy preschool children. When Sara
picked her children up from day care she learned from the head teacher that
another parent had reported that his child was diagnosed with  hepatitis. When Sara and Michael got home they
discussed whether or not they should take their children to day care the next
day or choose another option

The internet has many sources of information that
could help Sara and Michael with the
decisions they will have to make. Using a search engine, do some background
research to help you answer the following questions

Give some background information on what you learned
about hepatitis through your search

Based on the information that you found, if you were
sara and Michael would you take your children to the day care center the next day?
Why or why not?

Do you believe that hepatitis problem in day care
centers in a personal health concern or a community health concern? Explain


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