safety goals in area of work lewins theory of change

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Choose one safety goal that you wish to implement. Describe one way to improve one of the 2018 Patient Safety Goals in your work area- use Lewin’s Theory of Change.

These links to the 2018 National Patient Safety Goals will assist you in this project:

Using APA format, address the following questions/ issues:

1.) Describe the importance of this safety goal

2.) What changes need to be made to improve the outcomes in your organization?

3.) Which individuals will be affected by this change,?

3.) What are the internal and external factors that may affect this change?

4.) Using Lewin’s Force Field Change Theory, describe the change process and provide a visual image of your change process plan.

Use 3 sources from Evidenced Based Practice to support safety goal and change process.

Please refer to examples to similar paper lay out.Must be apa format 6th addition with 3 reference and in text citations. Please have visual reference with Lewins force field change theory.

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