Roundtable Discussions – 12

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Prepare a grammatically correct paper, in APA format, that addresses the following about the assigned research study/report(report is Attached). Submit your paper using the assignment submission link. Use the format given below

Overview of study

Author’s qualifications

Title appropriate to study

Abstract with essential elements


Problem Statement/Justification

Statement of Purpose(s)

Literature Review

Research studies relevant and current

Theory/framework present

Link to nursing/nursing science

Explicates research question(s), hypothesis(es), and/or objectives


Research question/hypothesis/objective presented

Study design linked to research question(s)/objective(s)/hypothesis(es)

Dependent and independent study variables and definitions present

Sampling method linked to research question and study design

Ethical considerations and concerns present

Data collection instrument reliability and validity and data collection methods consistent with question/design

Data analysis method linked to level of measurement

Discussion links findings with previously reported studies and provides clear recommendations for practice and research

Practice implications

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