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‘d like to kindly ask you to do a reserch design for me. It’s actually already done, but it needs some additional work. The structure of the reserch design should be the following: Your research topic and the main research questions (What are you going to analyze?) Research objectives Motivation and potential contribution to IR (Why is this topic relevant/puzzeling?) Theoretical framework (What theory and specific concepts will shape your perspective?) Method(s) planned to be used (What method of analysis are you going to apply?) Preliminary list of literature reflecting the main sources and types of data (What method(s) of data gathering are you going to apply?) Moreover, I received the feedback from my teacher where she described what’s wrong with my initial reserch desigh. ” you are addressing a very important topic deserving more scholarly attention. It is clear you have done some research and though a lot about the topic. However, the research questions are too complex and each would lead to a different research process. Therefore, it would not be possible to introduce one research design which would correspond to all those objectives. The theoretical concepts were clearly introduced but not well linked to the questions. The same with the methods – you have mentioned so many methodological options (some very unusal in the field of IR) but in the end was not clear what are you going to analyze and how. It would need futher clarification especially if you are considering to keep the project for your final thesis. Overall, promising project but it needs more focus. Narrow down the questions and be more selective when it comes to theories and methods. “

My new topic is Cyberattaks – an emerging military threat

Research question should be thought provoking and methods should be proved. Maybe somehow you can extend theoretical framework.

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