Rewrite the sentences – English

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  1. Rewrite the following sentences using the correct form of the verb:

    1. Bryan White was glad he had ate a substantial breakfast.

    2. If you had went with Tarzan, you could have helped him.

    3. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as Tom Jones, are doing the Tango Wango.

    4. We cannot begin work while the ground is froze.

    5. On my desk is four letters addressed to Pancho Sanchez.

    6. I sat the paper cutter on the table.

    7. Spectators in the back rows shouted for those in front to set down.

    8. Neither this month nor last month have been profitable.

    9. Corn, like squash and tomatoes, are on sale this week.

    10. There’s too many mistakes in the letter 

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