revised instructions amp analysis of your composing process

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Like I mentioned on the previous order, this second assignment will have two parts:

1. Revised Instructions

2. Analysis of Your Composing Process.

For this assignment you will first turn in to me the revised instructions, You are already done composing the instructions because you needed it to write the usability report on the other order but you would have to revise it according to the plan for revision that you detailed in your usability report. This is really important, everything you said that you would revise in the usability report has to appear in this revised Instructions that you are going to submit to me. Just a reminder the instructions should be 3 pages in single spaced but It will probably end up being more than 3 pages because you would have to add images to support the instructions and make it easier for the user(supporting images are signs of quality Instructions), I already mentioned on the other order that Instructions typically include introductory material like a description, materials needed, etc.. besides the numbered steps so 3 pages should be good and with images it might be more, it’s totally fine.

Another Important thing I want to mention is that the design for the revised Instructions really matters. Please, don’t making it boring, it has to be aesthetically pleasing and interesting. You can use graphics, backgrounds to accomplish that but it still has to be professional looking. I have uploaded a very good example so please make sure to check it out.

Once you’re done with the Revised Instructions the second deliverable is going to be an analysis of your composing process. Write a 2 page, single-spaced memo (not counting any images) in which you explain to me the rhetorical choices that you made in the process of composing your set of instructions. Please don’t forget to add at least two screenshots from your instructions that you can use as an evidence to clearly show what you are talking about. Your memo should address the following elements of your process at both the macro and micro levels, meaning if, for example, your audience has intermediate knowledge of the subject how did that influence your style, design, content choice, etc.:(you can check the pages of the book I attached below to to understand micro and macro)

  • Who is the audience for your instructions and what is their knowledge of the subject?
  • What is the purpose of the instructions?
  • What is the context for use for the instructions?
  • How do you compose with the medium in mind (e.g., print, online, video)?
  • What other considerations influenced your process for composing? (Design, style, etc.)

Macro Level for Instructions

  • “Checklist for Developing Instructions/Procedures” (p. 306)
  • “Planning and Revision Checklist” (p. 33)

Micro Level for Instructions

  • “Quick Tips” (p. 275)

Important notes

Finally, the paper has has to be in a memo format, the assignment is for a technical communication course, so please pay attention to the format because it really matters. I’m going to provide you an example of a basic memo format showing how our professor wants it, so please check it out. Organization, readability, and clarity are a big part of the assignment so please pay attention to them. Please click on the comment signs that you’re going to see on the example that I’m going to upload because those are additional information our professor added. Finally, please don’t write the paper like it is an academic paper, don’t be afraid to demonstrate agency, you don’t have to avoid using “I”.

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