Revise Fiction Analysis – Final ” A worn path” by Eudora Welthy

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Revise an analytical essay by doing the following:

  1. Consider how you want to incorporate the ideas and arguments from the outside source scholarly article you did 2 days ago Wednesday Sykes, D. J. (1998). Welty’s The Worn Path. least one quotation from the source in your final Fiction analysis. Be sure to use APA style to cite it appropriately in the body of the essay and in the references section.
  2. Do you need a more engaging opener or a stronger thesis? Do you need to reinforce your arguments and add more supporting evidence? Do you have areas to develop or clarify? Are you satisfied with your conclusion?
  3. Make sure you have applied APA rules of style to source citations as well as the overall formatting of your essay.

I think you have made some interesting points in your analysis of Eudora Welty’s short story “A Worn Path” There are some issues, however, that you will need to address in the revision of this paper. You spend most of the introduction talking about the character of Phoenix Jackson, so it is easy to assume that you are going to be analyzing that element of the story. However, you suddenly change direction completely in the last sentence of the paragraph, indicating that you will be writing about theme but not indicating what the theme is. You will need to make sure that the introduct reflects this focus in the revision.

You listed several outside sources on the references page since you don’t provide in-text citations for any of them that indicate that you used them in the paper. (You do include an in-text citation for a source not listed on the page though.) However, if you do use a source in a paper, you must cite it both in the paper and on the references page. Not citing is a kind of plagiarism.

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