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I recently submitted this paper for an assignment SBIRT Assignment.docx The professor only gave me a 35% and made comments to revise the paper for a better grade. You need to use the SBIRT SBIRT.pdf throughout the paper to determine how you would handle a client who has is going through domestic abuse as an immigrant in the US. Please INCORPORATE the comments from the professor in the revision (listed below). Please  be sure to answer all questions from the professor in the comments below to revise the paper.


AssignmentWK 6 Assignment – Cultural Competence Paper – Identify the Intervention 35.00 % (35.00) 0–100 35.00 %
Your intervention approach was extremely vague.  How is using the SBIRT going to help immigrant women suffering from domestic violence?  I was unclear as to what research you used to develop the ideas that women use illicit substances at rates less than men as well as what “society” you referred to throughout your paper.

I would suggest first identifying the issue and then searching appropriate literature for interventions already in use for this population.  While SBIRT might be useful initially (for example, as a partner is identified as being a batterer), what other interventions are in use to help these women specifically.

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