review the following code iscuss at least three reasons why the code is poorly formatted, Computer Science Assignment Homework Help

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Please review the following code
below. List and discuss at least three reasons to why you believe the code is
poorly formatted. Once you have identified any formatting issues, rewrite the
program to include what you believe to be accurate.  Feel free to run the code in Visual Studio
C++ to see the output. (100 points)


int main()


int x1, x2, x3;

printf(“Centigrade to Fahrenheit temperature tablenn”);

  for(x1 = -2 ; x1
<= 12 ; x1 = x1 + 1)


  x3 = 10 * x1;

  x2 = 32 + (x3 *
9) / 5;

printf(”  C =%4d  F =%4d 
“, x3, x2);

  if (x3 == 0)

Freezing point of water”);

  if (x3 == 100)

Boiling point of water”);



  return 0;


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