​Review pages 146-179, “Principles of Personal Management,” in the textbook by Stephen Covey.

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Summary and Application. Based on the video about the featured fire department:

Video https://vimeo.com/100990983

First, create a list of the key responsibilities and practices of the fire department that relate to Quadrant I and Quadrant II of the Time Management Matrix. (Be sure to specify which are Quadrant I and which are Quadrant II.) Use bullets. Do not use paragraphs on this first part.

Second, Write a paragraph or two describing how these practices can be related to leadership in general (not leadership within a fire department).

Third, in a separate paragraph, identify one item from the list that you want to improve in your life next week;one thing that you will try to do differently as a result of this video. Be specific in regard to what you will do differently. Be sure this is a SMART application. (This application is not intended to be about fire safety, but instead your important Q2 priorities.)

For example, a poor application would be; “I will spend more time studying.” A better application would be: “I will spend two hours studying in the evenings Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week, after work.”

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