restore company vision, business and finance homework help (Min 100 words)

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Please read following post (classmate’s) and share your opinion. 

Question: Imagine that you’re the CEO of a large firm like any of the ones described in this chapter. What concrete steps would you take to restore your company’s reputation if it has been sullied?

A: If I was a CEO of a company and it experience a low and tarnished reputation there are steps I will have to take to restore the company name. I would first find out the major concerns that have dampened the company reputation. It is important to understand the underlying issues the public with the company to develop a plan to turn around that negative outlook. I would also develop a good marketing strategy to help clear of any misconceptions or misconduct that have taken place within the company. It is important to move swiftly to try and offset the damage before the reputation roots into a tarnished reputation.

-> I agree with your post because 

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