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reply to discussion question


It has always been my experience and I have always been taught and read that Leaders have people follow them with an eager spirit and admire/look to as a mentor whereas Managers have people work for them rather than with them.

A person will always work better for someone who presents him or herself as a Leader rather than a Manager. When someone is guiding a person and advising that person on how to do a job (Leader) verse telling and instructing in a demanding way on how to do a job (Manager), the results will vary greatly.

One principle is the ambiguity of the police role which has allowed the police to be diverse and dynamic and in today’s time is absolutely necessary. Another principle is the operational styles which is “styles adopted by the police officers as a way of thinking about the role of the police and law in society and how the police should perform their jobs.” (Dempsey p.140-141)

In researching the question does a unionized police department change the principles of a leader, I found a scholarly article that gave so much valid information. There was a resounding tone that in a unionized system there is less of the leader role and rather a manager role. Often times the eager spirit and the admirable mentor type is less present but rather the “strong, top-down management” (Fisk p.723) type. Unfortunately it seems that there may be a disconnect once the “higher-ups” get to those positions. Sometime you here the “newbies” say “did you forget where you came from”. Now I’m not in these jobs so I can’t speak for anyone, I can only speak of things that I’ve heard. I do know for jobs that I’ve had I’ve experienced, Ive experienced this type of situation.


In the world of law enforcement it takes more than just a manager to accomplish the job of law enforcement officers and administration. A manager just as the text mentions ” is the process of running an organization so that the organization can accomplish its goals”(2016). A leader can be a manager, but not all managers are leaders. The reason for this is a leader does more than just seek to accomplish the goals of an organization. A leader just as the text mentions , “inspires you to perform your job to the best of your ability”(2016). An article on the leadership in policing refers to the failures in certain departments to maintain integrity is that “too many…violations” are due to a “lack of adequate leadership” (2009). Leadership is key to a successful law enforcement office and confidence in the leaders of the organization. An example of poor leadership that I have heard of first hand is that of Sheriff Richard Roundtree of Richmond County, GA. I lived in this area when he was voted into office and he has seen his fair share of controversy during his tenure in office. In a recent article on the leadership under his command, a local paper mention ” there are two top members of Roundtree’s command staff that some deputies claim are out of line with verbal abuse and their treatment of county personnel”(2018). This kind of lack of confidence in leadership can lead to major problems with a law enforcementt agency. As for unions, a union becomes involved in police organizations, it takes a lot of power away from the leader. I believe this because a union has a group representing the officers, and that gives the union more power than the leader over the officers.

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