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Ethnographic research approaches a subject matter from the inside of a groups of subjects Grossoehme, 2014). An example of this would be trying to understand what is like to be the parent of child battling cancer. This type of research can entail researchers being attached to a subject for a certain amount of time and taking notes in order to better grasp their situation.

Ground theory helps us understand why and how behaviors are established, this uses real time data and helps to produce theories that were once not available (Foley & Timonen, 2015). When using the model for Ground Theory, it is often analyzed as the results are still gathered, for example, while conducting interviews, the researcher will stop after a few interviews and begin to analyze the data (Grossoehme, 2014).

Unlike Ethnographic research that focus on people and certain cultures, Phenomenological research seeks to understand a phenomenon through the very people that have experienced said phenomenon (Neubauer, Witkop & Varpio, 2019). In example of this is trying to understand how the loss of a digit is perceived and felt throughout various subjects.

Ethnographic and Phenomenological research can be similar, but one focuses more one how the groups perceives an action versus how a certain individual may perceive an action. Ground theory helps us to understand the “why” to behaviors and actions.

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