response to attached file on machiavelli the prince 1

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Machiavelli’s little book, The Prince, has often been regarded as a pessimistic work. Within it, we find many examples of cruelty, abuses of power, and a general distrust of what we could call human nature. But Machiavelli uses several of these examples to provide insight and wisdom about the best ways to navigate politics. The best ways, however, don’t necessarily mean the happiest, kindest, or, the most moral…

Politics today is not much different than what Machiavelli presents. In this second discussion assignment,

Must USE two to three quotations from Machiavelli’s The Prince to write at least two- three paragraphs on the following questions: NO outside sources.

  • What are some contemporary examples in everyday American politics / culture that echo, or, parallel Machiavelli’s pessimism?
  • What are some of the ways in which Machiavelli’s insights can be used to see positive examples in the United States today?

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