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Response to the following with 250 words APA style

Preventive controls are designed to decrease the likelihood of an undesired risk event. The majority of controls applied in organizations in response to hazard risks are preventive controls. For health and safety risks, preventive control will include the replacement of a less hazardous substance in the activity (Hopkin, 2017).

All risks cannot be prevented or removed on a cost-effective basis, nor may they be desirable for the future of the organization and the continuation of certain actions. Examples of protective controls include separation of duty, where no one has the power to act without the consent of another when paying an invoice. Also, spending systems should prevent the same person from requesting goods and then authorizing payment. About health and safety, preventive controls include eliminating or removing the hazard and providing a less hazardous alternative. (Hopkin, 2017)

Preventive controls are that they eliminate the risk so that they are not reviewed. In reality, this might not be a cost-effective option and may not be possible for operational reasons. The disadvantages of prior controls are that useful activities can be eliminated or outsourced or replaced with something less effective and efficient. Health and safety practitioners note that hazardous activities must be eliminated, achieving something as much as possible requires a feasible balance between cost in terms of time, trouble and money against interest in terms of reducing the level of danger that is achieved. For example, the risk of collapse in underground mines can be reduced by providing support beams and props that will prevent the risk of demolition. However, as far as practicable, it is necessary to take into account the cost of providing these pillars against the level of risk reduction that can be achieved in this particular mine (Hopkin, 2017).


Hopkin, P. (2017). Fundamentals of risk management. Place of publication not identified: Kogan Page.

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