Response Paper

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Please go through the uploaded files to have clear idea of the requirement (Rubric).

How does risk perception play out with the hazard affecting the
population is present naturally in the drinking water pulled from the ground? What role does
social vulnerability have under this scenario? What measures would you recommend
organizations such as the World Health Organization, British Geological Survey, and other
governments take to remediate this situation in Bangladesh? Would a public education
campaign be sufficient or would you recommend parallel strategies such as identifying non-
contaminated drinking water sources or filtering arsenic-contaminated groundwater prior to

Your 500±25 word paper should:

  •  Read each of the articles on the uploaded file.
  •  Provide at least two arguments supporting your position.
  •  Illustrate each argument with at least one example or explanation from the
    readings in this Response Paper.
  •  Organize your paper in clear, concise points separated into paragraphs.
  •  If quoting statements from articles, use APA format for citing in paper.

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