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Respond to question 1 and 2.

Response posts (RPs): Address specific
consequences of choosing not to be an ethical student and professional in
light of the responsibilities addressed in the IP.

  • RPs should be
    150-250 words
  • Add new content, a
    distinction, or hypothesis and demonstrate how this new information makes
    the topic thread more clear
  • Draw attention to a
    consideration that has been neglected, and demonstrate how this new
    information motivates clearer understanding of the topic
  • Students should
    contribute to the discussion based on their course acquired knowledge in a
    meaningful way. Posts that simply agree with the IP will not be graded.

Responses will be graded for content, length, and level of

1. Responsibilities
of an ethical student would mean coming familiar with the student handbook such
as Hondros most recent handbook that is available and knowing what is expected
from the student and also what the consequences are if the rules are not
followed. An ethical student also needs to abide by the ethical standards of
being honest, respectful, and other conduct that is consistent with maintaining
their own integrity for their profession (Purtilo & Doherty, 2011, pg 118).
After reading the story about Matt in this week’s reading, I found it very
unethical what he did. Matt knew that it was unacceptable to enter a home and
care for a patient without supervision and he still done so. Also he was
dishonest to himself, the instructor and the care for the patient when he lied
and documented that he done something knowing he didn’t do it.  When I
hear the term Personal branding I think of it as how you view yourself or how
others view you from their stand point. This could be something that is a good
quality or something that is a bad quality to have, personal branding also can
be an impression that you leave and what others remember you by. My personal
brand that I think I have is someone who is knowledgeable, and this is because
being in nursing school and furthing my education, my family and peers like to
contact me and ask me questions about something that is going on and they as
for my opinion.

a student I would say that I am a very honest person and would like to carry
that on into my professional career because going into the medical field you
are caring for someone who is sick and is getting help for a reason so you
don’t want things to get worse. Such as if you notice that you made a
medication error, you should report that to whoever is in charge and follow the
proper protocol in a circumstance like that. Another quality that I have as a
student is that I am a very compassionate person when it comes to caring for my
patients, and I want to carry that quality along with me throughout my
profession as a Nurse. To show a patient that you are compassionate could be
demonstrated by getting an understanding on what your patient knows so far
about their medical condition and then go from there. You can educate your
patient several ways and help so they have a better understanding. By just
showing your patient that you care and being there for them will make your patient
feel more comfortable too, its good to establish a nurse patient relationship.

2. Personal
branding is important throughout all aspects of life. It sets the bar of the
type of person you are and what you stand for. It should represent the value
you are able to consistently deliver to those you are serving. Developing your
personal brand is essential for the advancement of your career and your
development as a leader. Managing your personal branding requires you to
be a great role model, mentor or a voice others can depend on.
“Preparation in advance is self care at its best, sharing your values with
a group will give everyone a chance to be supportive with the confines of
their own value system” (Purtilo & Doherty, 2011, pg. 150.) When
I think of my personal brand a lot of examples comes to mind. I believe the
commodity between them all is the consistently in mannerism, my value of
my character, reliability, honesty and uplifting and caring spirit.

I think in relation to social media, I try to always be uplifting, positive or
with some form of humor within my post. I digress from posting anything
negative. I always think about what positives my post would be received.
 I often times get inboxes or comments relating to my post being right on
time for that person situation at the time. This makes me happy that I can
encourage, uplift or promote awareness in their lives.  If I am having a
bad day, I simply refrain from posting all together.

a student, I try to be accountable for my actions. I try to be on time and
prepared for class in proper uniform ready to learn. I try to follow the code
of standards provided in the handbook so that I will not be in jeopardy of
academic misconduct. This comes in to play in the professional work place
as a nurse as well. You are to adhere to the rules and regulations governed by
your hospital or facility.  Rules are a part of life, one must strive to
abide by them.

the work place, professionalism is essential. The way you carry yourself speaks
volumes to your employer, patients, and co-workers. “Reinforcing
in yourself the good that comes about by honoring your duty of self-improvement
or aspiring to be good to yourself will help you prepare for healthfulness and
a chance to flourish throughout your professional career”
(Purtilo & Doherty, 2011, pg. 143).  Patients look up to you as a
nurse to have their best interest at heart, provide competent care, and to
advocate for them. This takes a degree of trust. At the end of the day, you
have to decide rather you are going to be extraordinary with your nursing care
or ordinary. I want to be a nurse that heals as well as touches lives

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