respond to the question in 500 worda and the attached post in 300 words

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Part 1.

In 500 words respond to the below topic / scenario ( give your thoughts and insights)

Apa format for references.

This week we get to examine some of the legal Issues as they related to cyber space. As we have begun to appreciate, the world of cyber space is not only limitless and infinite, but is also in a state of constant change. One of the key challenges for cyber security and defense issues deals with this rate of change. It seems as if changes in cyber space occur near instantaneously with numerous new applications, devices, and products coming on line at every given twist and turn. As a result, it is difficult for cyber security professionals, Homeland Security planners, and cyber defenders to deal with this change. It is also difficult for the underlying legal framework to remain up-to-date with these changes. Herein lays the challenge for this week. Look forward to your insights.

Part 2

In 250 to 300 words respond to the attached post response based on the above topic / scenario

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