Respond to 2 classmates for Business Operations Course

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Week Two Discussion Question: Value Stream Map

For the discussion question I chose to value stream map the process of ordering printer parts from a company. This process shows how long it takes to receive the printer parts and also the time period for the installation process. For this process, there is a very big difference in the time periods between processing time and lead time. This is due to the company that installs the parts and comes out to the location of the printer not having the printer parts in stock at their location. Instead, the printer parts must be ordered from a supply company elsewhere. This increased the lead time tremendously compared to the processing time. In the future, it is highly recommended for the installation company to keep printer parts in stock to keep their customers loyal to the company.

Attached is the value stream map of the process of ordering printer parts from a specific company.


Terrence Riney

WK2 DQ: Value Stream Mapping

My value stream mapping is based upon an aspect of my daily job duties, which is ordering medical supplies for the hospital based upon the customer requests. The value stream mapping shows the process for requesting and ordering supplies from customers and the time frame associated with each step of the process. My process shows that there a disparity exists between the processing and lead time but that is to be expected since a purchase cards holder routinely has to call more than one vendor in order to locate the supplies that are being requested. Lead times can be reduced significantly when customers provide purchasing agents with pertinent information ahead of time such as item manufactures stock or reference numbers for the products, as well as the name of the vendor where the items were previously purchased from in the past.

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