Research Topics in Health Administration

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DQ1 Judging an Article

An authoritative voice is considered an independent
point of view of a researcher. Gaining credibility in research is part
of the development of the researcher’s authoritative voice.

would you consider an authoritative source? If you are shown an
article without being told the name of the author or the journal, how
you will be able to judge the quality of the article.

DQ2 Quality of research articles

Research investigates problems and determines results.
It can be abused if it is not considered legitimate and will
misrepresent itself and the problem solution. Research articles can
reflect whether or not the research is good or bad.

Navigate to and read any two articles. Now answer the following questions:

  • What
    do you think of the quality of research articles? Cite the
    articles as examples to support your opinion in your response.
  • Would you use this research in your work? Why or why not?

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