Research Proposal on a social media experiment

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As part of the research project (roughly 7–10 pages, 1.5 spacing), students are required to complete a brief literature review and describe a research design for a topic related to the course that is of interest to you. We will provide detailed instructions for the research project separately. The research project is due on the last day of the course (Thursday, January 24th).

The idea is to develop a research design to test your hypotheses. . . you do not need
to collect or analyze data, but you need to design a study of how you do that.

Also 5-10 citations

2-3 slides: with Slide 1- research question, Slide 2- existing research published on the topic, Slide 3- the research design you would employ to test question.

Also please include for me notes to read that would take 6 or 7 minutes to read through the slides.


Research question

Why is it important

What have people said about this in the past

The hypothesis

The proposed experiment: some players would have bots following them that would only type mean comments,

a control group, and then the last group would have bots that only comment or tweet positive comments. <– input

the output would be player performance in the match.



*independent (social media, research or online stats) & dependent (game or performance outcome, game wins or losses)

Does social media influence a sports player’s performance where the player’s investment into their (for now Twitter) accounts(how many times do they post, and what kind of content) or their follower’s response (negative and mean comments vs positive comments) can create an effect? Specifically looking at a time frame of two years and focusing on male and female football players.

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