research paper for below topic with 600 700 words

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Supply chain and ERP system failures due to Ineffective quality measure in policy making

Problem statement: How Ineffective way of resource planning causes quality failures in Organization

Supply chain management is the flow of goods and services to meet the demand and supply. Quality and accountability are the two major building blocks for any organization to excel. Having Quality control improves the profitability ration in any company but Quality control alone won’t make up the organization lead towards success, having effective resource planning and managing the resources at right time is equally important to consider in policy making. Our paper focuses on how supply chain management and ERP systems are interlinked in various organizations and how organizations implement quality control in their deliveries and the level of impact that can cost the organization when quality control and resource planning fails and also what measures can be taken to avoid such failures in real-time.

References regarding the issues:…………


i need you to work on below topics with 350 words for each topic

-Effective Quality control measure

-Effective Policy Making or Decision Making

i need ppt sides as well

Below attached topics are for Effective Quality control measure & (which i found they should be peer reviewed articles)

i can send you more reference documents for Effective Policy Making or Decision Making topic shortly

You can use in your own references*** but they need to be peer reviewed Articles

Note: i need APA format

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