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Professor’s comment:

These revisions are not sufficient enough for this to be considered a fully revised paper. The requirements for W credit require at least one revision. Many of my previous comments were not addressed, and I’ve noted them in this version. I didn’t think the revisions I asked for were very substantial. To get W credit you will need to submit a fully revised version by the beginning of the final on Wednesday.

Writing requirement:

Students wishing to obtain writing course credit (W credit) should submit a 3000–3500 word paper (about 10–12 pages of double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman text, with 1” margins on all sides). The paper must be revised in response to suggestions from the instructor before final submission.

The paper should include a title, introduction, detailed discussion of the subject matter, and a conclusion. Exemplary tables and figures are encouraged. Feel free to discuss your paper with us at any time.

A list of possible climate change related topics is listed below, if you have an interested in a topic not listed here, please check with the instructor before embarking on the research.


You will be evaluated primarily on content, including structure, organization, and accuracy of information (about 75% of the grade). We also expect correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence construction (25% of paper grade).


Use at least 3 references (unless you are writing a book commentary). At least 2 of your references must be textbooks, scholarly books, or articles from well-recognized journals or science-oriented magazines (e.g. Scientific American, Science, Nature). Beyond these two references, you may include webpages with complete URLs and date accessed. You must list all of your references, and any direct quotes must be indicated as such. Travel websites often contain climate information, but please don’t assume they are accurate. Also travel websites should not be one of your 3 primary sources. If you copy any exact wording from one of your sources, you must cite the source in your text. If you fail to do so, you are plagiarizing.

Your bibliography should reflect all of the sources utilized for the paper. Use the format you are most comfortable with (MLA, APA, Vancouver System).

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