research paper draft 3

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Please make sure that you pick a topic to research that is connected to US History prior to 1877 some past example topics have been:

  • Slavery
  • Mexican American War
  • Early Colonies – Virginia
  • Treatment of Irish
  • Removal of Natives
  • Mexican American War
  • Civil War
  • Manifest Destiny

Remember, you do NOT want to summarize the event – you want to have an argument about the event. Or prove a new idea about the event.

You want to pick a topic that YOU are interested in learning more about. It is easier to write a paper where you have an interest about the topic. Don’t just pick an idea…think about what you are interested in learning more about.

I strongly recommend that you do NOT pick a person to write your paper about. Often students will write an autobiography about the person instead of an argumentative essay.


Your ‘draft’ should include:


Remember, this is just a draft. I will provide detailed feedback so that you can edit the paper prior to turning in your Second Draft.

DO Not include the ABSTRACT – The Abstract is written after you have completed your research…once the paper is complete. The ABSTRACT is the last thing that you write.


The purpose of the Draft is for me to see what you are considering for your Research Topic. Make sure that you turn in something so that I can provide comments.


Students will ONLY lose points if they do not have the following:

  • Thesis
  • Paragraphs that discuss their scholarly articles
  • Missing Scholarly Research

I am not looking for Perfect papers…I am looking for ‘drafts’ and that students are starting to think about their papers and that students can locate ‘scholarly’ research

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