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Project Development

For this assignment, is to develop a potential topic for this course.The process of identifying a topic will students to choose a health-related topic of interest to them, followed by a search of peer-reviewed literature to gain an understanding of the research status of the topic.

My focus is Black American adults in with diabetes between ages 25 to 45. My professor still going to add more topics later.

  • One to two sentence description of the potential topic.
  • One sentence that describes your rational for choosing this topic.
  • Reference list in APA format of the result of the peer-reviewed literature search. There should be a minimum of six peer reviewed references included in this list.Please note, this is a starting point and the final paper will include additional reputable references.

Please submit a Word document that includes your well written and edited Research Question and Hypotheses (Ho and Ha).


Biological basis of depression in adults with diabetes

Glycemic control among type 2 diabetes

Nutrition therapy recommendation for the management of adults with diabetes

Influence on day-to-day self-management of type 2 diabetes among African-American

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