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Homework Assignment: Research Article based off of chapter 2 readings, PowerPoint, and class discuss. This assignment is due via CANVAS by September 6, 2018.

Answer the following questions based on the article titled, A Yoga Intervention for Young Adults with Elevated Symptoms of Depression

1) What were the hypotheses generated by the researchers? (12 points)

2) How many eligible subjects were there for the study? How many subjects were assigned to the yoga group? How many subjects were assigned to the control group? (6 points)

3) Were subjects randomly assigned to either the yoga class group or the control group? (2 points)

4) What is the independent variable and what is the dependent variable? (4 points)

5) What measures were used to assess mood for the treatment group? Was anything besides mood measured? If so, what? (8 points)

6) From the portion of the results section that you were asked to review, what was P reported at and was it statistically significant? (4 points)

7) Did the results confirm the researcher’s hypotheses that mildly depressed adults who participated in a yoga course for depression would show a reduction in symptoms of depression by the end of the study? (2 points)

8) List two limitations of the study. (4 points)

9) What did the researchers suggest future studies should investigate? (2 points)

10) In the last paragraph of the article (the conclusion), list the three tentative words/phrases the researchers use to describe the results of their study. (6 points)

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