Research and write a major paper dealing with Critical Contemporary Zionist Political Art.

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Students enrolled in HC M179/CS169 are required to research and write a major paper
dealing with any topic reasonably related to the overall course themes. The instructor is
available in office hours to discuss your ideas and offer bibliographic and other
suggestions. These papers should be approximately 20 pages in length; this means
standard margins (1 inch) and fonts (12 points). This also means actual text, not
including the appended illustrations. Papers should include reproductions of the
artwork(s) discussed. These can be photocopied in black and white and/or color. Images
may be taken from the Internet. Postcard and photographic reproductions are also
acceptable. Illustrations may be integrated into the text or appended at the end. Each
illustration should be carefully labeled (Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3, etc.). Pages must be
numbered. Footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. The use of the first person (“I”) is also
perfectly acceptable and encouraged. When papers are handed in, they should be in
stamped, self-addressed envelopes with adequate postage, probably 4 “Forever”
stamps. Late papers are not acceptable and extensions will not be granted. Please
don’t ask.

Make sure this is a very politically correct and focused essay. This professor is very liberal and is very anti-Israeli occupation. Israeli Art that criticizes the government is good. Also make sure to include a good number of art works to highlight the points addressed.

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