Reproduction is a synonym of procreation, writing homework help

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Reproduction is a synonym of procreation. The difference is the act of reproducing new individuals biologically while procreation is the process by which an organism produces others of its biological kind. 

The shift from “procreation” to “reproduction” is in part a manifestation of human freedom to master and reshape our world. Assisted reproduction includes today a number of different techniques. Artificial insemination can use either donor sperm or sperm from a husband or the woman to be inseminated. Much more complex technically is in vitro fertilization. During the procreation time there is room for legal complications to occur.

The Son of the Father, was from eternity “begotten, not made”. A child who is begotten, not made, embodies the union of his father and mother (Meilaender, G., 2013).

To create is to make something out of nothing. The first chapter of the Bible is a good illustration of things being created; things that were made out of nothing. “Begotten”, on the other hand is the exact opposite. It is when something comes out of another thing existing before it. Any begotten thing or creature has to have a source from which it stems. 

I believe that what Meilaender said about procreation and reproduction is true. Also, I feel like we have a spiritual bond with our creator and physical bond with our biological parents. Overall, I agree with Meilaender’s readings.

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