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Let’s discuss internationalization
through an example, Chipotle Mexican Grill: Can Chipotle replicate its massive
success within the US in overseas markets? We will find out, please be sure to review
the following case in order to support this discussion:

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.: The International
    Challenge pp. 639-645 Course Text: R. M. Grant, Contemporary Strategy
    Analysis, 9th ed., Wiley, 2016

Once you have reviewed the cases answer the following questions: 

  • To what extent is the Chipotle restaurant concept, its
    strategy, and its business system suited to overseas markets? Do overseas
    consumers have fundamentally different preferences from those in North
  • Can Chipotle recreate in overseas markets the resources
    and capabilities that make it so successful in the US? 
  • If overseas opportunities are attractive to Chipotle,
    how should the company adapt its US strategy and organizational model to
    meet the circumstances of foreign markets, and what mode of entry should
    it adopt?

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