Religious Studies Essay

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Exploring the Bible

Religious Studies 100

Fall 2019

This Term Paper is your opportunity to research a specific topic regarding the Bible. Choose a topic concerning the Bible in which you are interested. Be certain that your paper clearly follows one of the types of Biblical Criticism we have been studying this semester. Frame your paper in a paragraph or two and submit your topic proposal in writing to Rabbi Meltzer. All paper topics must be pre-approved.

  • Your paper must be no less than three and no more than five pages, double-spaced.
  • You must include proper bibliographic information for all materials used in the preparation of your paper.
  • You must include at least three print sources (i.e. books, magazines, encyclopedias), though you may include more.
  • Do not use websites for this paper, unless they are an electronic publishing of a print source.

BE CAREFUL THAT YOU CITE ALL WORKS USED, AND ALL QUOTATIONS OR PARAPHRASING FROM ANY SOURCE. Plagiarism is an act of intellectual dishonesty. The academic consequences of plagiarism range from failure for the tainted assignment, to failure for the course, depending on the seriousness of the offense. All such offenses are reported to the Dean who will impose additional administrative consequences. Examples of plagiarism include, but are not limited to the following: turning in another student’s paper as if it were your own; collaboration with another student in writing the paper; quoting, paraphrasing, or borrowing ideas from published or unpublished material written by someone other than yourself, without specific acknowledgment of the source.

Do not hesitate to contact Rabbi Meltzer with any questions.

Good luck.

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