Religion: Family relations ( questions answer: ebook will be provided )

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Family Relations

Read Balswick, Fourth Edition, Part 5 (chapters 13 and 14) and answer the following questions.Single space acceptable, but leave a space between questions.

1.Discuss why communication is the heart of healthy family life.Pages 239-240

2.What factors in recent years have increased the individual sense of alienation and loneliness?Illustrate from your own experience. Page 242

3.Discuss the effects of expressions of love, both verbal and non-verbal.Pages 242-245

4.What keeps some people from expressing love?Pages 246-247

5.What do the authors say about the problem for both boys to learn expressions of love and intimacy?Pages 247-248

6.Explain the difference between how mothers and fathers typically express love toward sons and daughters. Pages 248-249

7.Summarize the discussion on expressing love in marriage.Pages 249-250

8.Summarize and explain what the authors call “a biblical model for expressiveness.”Pages 250-251

9.Discuss four levels of conflict that typically damage family relationships.Pages 254-255

10.What forms of denial often occur in family conflict?Page 255

11.List and comment briefly on the fourteen rules of fair fighting.Pages 256-261

(This answer should be longer than the others)

12.Describe each of the various styles of conflict management.Pages 262-269

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