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Write a one-paragraph overview regarding your thoughts regarding the

content covered in the PowerPoint, “The First Immigrants.” B. Include why you believe I included this information in the course. Note:

This information cannot be found in your textbook. “The First

Immigrants” PowerPoint is located in the Chapter 2 Learning Module.

There is no right or wrong answer to this response. Recommendation:

For those of you who want to delve further, I recommend that you read

the historical fiction novel, “The Book of Negros,” by Lawrence Hill.

This reading is not required by any means, however, it will help you to

understand “generational pain.”

2. A. In your own words, explain how a child born into this world develops “cultural identity.” B. How do you believe you acquired your own personal cultural identity?

3. A. Describe your understanding of “Culture” by using one of the two frameworks, “Culture as a Tree” or Culture as an Iceberg.” B. If you are a member of a sub-culture, what would that be?

4. A.
In an Overt/Material culture, people display their ideas through things
that are concrete and visible. List those things that are unique to YOU
in terms of Overt/Material culture. B.
Covert/Non-Material culture is more difficult to identify because it
assumes forms invisible to the eye. One comes in context with the Covert
in the context of behavior. List those behaviors that are prevalent in
YOUR life that would be considered Covert/Non-Material. (See
PowerPoint). This information is not located in your textbook.

5. Think
about the quote, “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner
voice.” Peggy O’Mara. Based on this quote and what you have learned thus
far in this course, provide your own explanation of “enculturation.”

6. A.
Explain your understanding of the “One-Shot Traveler’s Approach.”
Include “Tokenism” in your response. Keep in mind, the “Traveler’s
Approach” is not an optimal way to celebrate diversity. B.
What is the closest connection to creating a true multicultural
classroom? Provide two ideas for making that happen. (See PowerPoint)

7. A. Share with your instructor the three most important takeaways from Chapter 2 from your perspective. B. Explain why they are important to you as a potential or practicing teacher.

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