Real Estate Question: A wealthy property owner Mr. Norman, business and finance homework help

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A wealthy property owner Mr. Norman has executed a bilateral executory agreement to have his home sold by Century 22 also known as an exclusive right to sell listing agreement. The licensee salesperson is Ms. Smith and Ms. Smith’s employing broker at Century 22 is Mrs. Sorenstam. Mr. Norman travels constantly and during a rain storm when he is away Ms. Smith notices the roof leaking badly, Mr. Norman has no knowledge of this. The weather soon clears up and an offer is made by Mrs. Lopez, the offer is accepted and Mrs. Lopez moves in. Shortly thereafter a heavy rain storm occurs causing the roof to leak causing the floors to become slippery causingMrs. Lopez to fall suffering an injury causing loss of income pain and suffering and damage to art and rare antique furniture. Mrs. Lopez contacts the law firm formerly run by Johnny Cochran to bring a lawsuit. Because Mr. Norman is wealthy Mrs. Lopez’s lawyer targets him in the lawsuit. Can Mr. Norman be found liable?Why or why not, support your case

(This is for my Real Estate Principles Class)

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