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Assignment Details

Final Project

There are two parts to this Assignment: (a) A presentation to sales associates, regarding sales process steps and (b) an essay responding to a legal/ethical scenario in real estate.

Assignment: You have previously reviewed the sales steps in your learning activities and readings as well as reviewing the various steps in some detail as well as legal considerations. Now you will put that knowledge to work.

You are a seasoned real estate professional in this scenario and are tasked by your broker with leading a training session to introduce the newest sales associates coming into the brokerage with the real estate sales process and compliance issues along with the legal and ethical expectations in their jobs. This training should be an original synthesis of the sales process steps and the compliance issues. You will pull ideas and information from your text, your learning activities, and your practical experience in this course to prepare a presentation to new sales associates so they can apply these sales process steps on the job.

Part 1: Create a PowerPoint presentation with audio with 3–4 bulleted points per slide addressing the checklist items.


  • Synthesize the real estate sale’s process steps information you have gained to present and explain the steps in the audio portion in order to train the new sales associates. You can place your audio notes below each slide.
  • Synthesize compliance issues; then explain them.

Put no more than 3–4 bulleted points on a slide. Your presentation should be at least 9 PowerPoint slides, with an additional two slides for title and references. Then discuss each point you wish to make in your audio portion of the presentation.

Part 2: In a minimum of a 2-page essay respond to the checklist items after listening and/or reading the scenario.


  • Analyze the legal and ethical issues in this scenario.
  • Explain the laws and ethics that apply, and why.
  • Explain how you would tell the sales associate to handle the meeting with the potential clients.

Submit your original response to parts 1 and 2; in a 9-slide audiovisual presentation with an additional title and references slide and a minimum 2-page essay in APA format and citation style, and submit both parts to the Dropbox.

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