Read the doc and answer all the question

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Read the articles for Module 10. 1. What is feminism in the Age of Trump? 2. Open Letter to White Feminists 3. Failure of White Feminists 4. About Intersectionality and its Objectives in Trump Era

BE RESPECTFUL OF ONE ANOTHER AND SEEK TO LEARN FROM OPPOSING VIEWS, DO NOT JUDGE. DO NOT TRY TO PERSUADE OR CONVINCE SOMEONE THAT THEIR VIEWPOINT IS WRONG. It’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to ask clarifying questions but be polite. It’s okay to disagree and politely discuss why. Use “I statements.” (I believe in this….based on my experience with….. or the reading. ..” If you disagree with another’s political point of view – 1. Be respectful. 2. Always try to identify what you have in common with the other person (i.e. hope, concern for others, etc.). 3. Ask questions for understanding.

1. How would you define the term “white feminism”?

2. What is meant by the phrase “failure of white feminism?”

3. What is meant by intersectionality? and

4. How could it impact the current feminist movement in the age of Trump?

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