Read The Dew Breaker (The Entire Novel)

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Read The Dew Breaker (the entire collection-novel). Then, prepare an annotation of it.

The Annotated Reading and Critical Response assignment has six components (format your annotation with these headings):

  1. Ask Questions;
  2. Make Comments;
  3. Draw Connections + Conclusions;
  4. Paraphrase Significant Passages;
  5. Identify Key Points in the stories (you will need to re-type this section as I cannot view the items you choose to underline and highlight); and
  6. Identify and Define Vocabulary.

Note: Here are two examples of this assignment — these students only commented on the first three stories. Please do not utilize their awarenesses — these are only guides; they have errors as they are actual student examples.

  1. Sample Student Annotation 1(2).pdf
  2. Sample Student Annotation 2(2).pdf

Note: Do not forget to respond to two of your peers’ annotations

  1. Make sure to make connections between your responses and their own; your experiences and those revealed in the text; and, the general clarity of the ideas presented.

Hint: For support on active reading, see the folllowing:

  2.; and,

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