read case 8 2 quot ikea s global sourcing challenge indian rugs and child labor quot and complete a 7 8 page paper and a 10 15 slide power point

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Read Case 8-2 “IKEA’s Global Sourcing Challenge: Indian Rugs and Child Labor”.

*Using concepts, theories, and terms from the corresponding Chapter discuss the following, in a more expanded depth than the previous 7 weeks:

1. The company background, the current situation and any competitive issues;

2. The potential choices and opportunities going forward.

3. Question: As a Christian business person, what role does Social Responsibility play in Globalization?

Your paper should include an executive summary, 2000-2750 words (7-8 pages), a recommended course of action, and a bibliography of cited sources.

Your Presentation Slides should be consistently formatted, professional, with a balance of text and graphics, and number from 10-15 slides.

***Attach your Paper as a Word document herein***

***Attach your Presentation as a PowerPoint document herein***

This is the Critical Assignment for this course and must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course.

The student will read and analyze the Case Study this week. This is an expanded, and more comprehensive, version of the weekly Case Studies, covering the entire course. The student will complete a 6-8 page (2000-2750 word count) FINAL Case Study paper to include the following (#1-#3) and a presentation slide deck (#4):

1. Executive Summary: each student will summarize the salient points of the assigned FINAL Case Study as they pertain to topics and theories from all the chapters, as applicable.While the FINAL Case Study will again present much varied information the student is tasked with identifying a comprehensive array of the entire course’s topics. Additionally, each student is expected to provide, and use information found therein, two outside articles as they relate to the FINAL Case Study (proper bibliographic citation is required);

2. Application and Remedies: each student will analyze the FINAL Case Study with the goal of providing an application of that week’s topics and recommending a remedy to several issues (2-3) the student identifies within the FINAL Case Study.There will be several issues that could be addressed, but this assessment is limiting each student to selecting only 2-3 issues to apply to all the course’s topics;

3. Questions and Responses: each student will address the posted questions pertaining to the assigned Case Study.The student is expected to thoroughly and competently answer the questions showing sufficient knowledge of the FINAL Case Study and any of the course’s topics that apply to each question;

4. Presentation Slides: each student will prepare from 10-15 slides, as though in preparation for an in-class Presentation.The slides will detail the Case summary, current situation, issues, opportunities and recommendations consistent with the materials presented in the Paper.The slides should be consistently formatted, professional, with a balance of text and graphics.

* All work submitted for this course must be your own work, must have been developed specifically for this course, and may not have been submitted for evaluation or assessment in any other course. The Critical Assignment must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course.

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