Rasmussen College Analytics Developer Worksheet

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As an analytics developer, you need to calculate weekly sales using SAS PROCEDURES. You are generating descriptive statistics for the store sales. It will help store manager to display popular items in the store entrance.

Using the Train.csv file or any other file, complete the following:

Step 1: Include PROC MEANS in your SAS script and calculate descriptive statistics that represents weekly sales for a certain department in a given store in a given week.

NOTE: To get the week # from a date, where mydate is a date field:

week(mydate, ‘w’)

You can assign the result to a variable, or use it in a condition.

You can use a WHERE statement in the PROC FREQ procedure to specify a condition or multiple conditions.

Step 2: Use title and footnotes to output.

Step 3: Use the label for each output column.

Submit the screenshots and a copy of your code in one word document.

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