Racism in the Criminal Justice System

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Write a research/summary paper on the topic of “Racism in the Criminal Justice System”, using the following structure and criteria:

1. Introduction (at least 100 words)
2. Summary of Source 1 (at least 200 words)
3. Summary of Source 2 (at least 200 words)
4. Summary of Source 3 (at least 200 words)
5. Summary of Source 4 (at least 200 words)
*One source is already provided and summarized
6. Transitions between sections of the paper (at least 200 words)
7. Conclusion (at least 100 words)

1. At least four (can have more to add depth, but need summaries only of 4) peer-reviewed (scholar) sources (1 is already provided and summarized). NO BOOKS
2. Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced
3. APA Format for in-text and Reference page

A summary of only 1 source (200 words) is expected by 3PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 3.
For the final product, I am expecting at least 1250 words (5 double-spaced) pages, INCLUDING material provided by me (you only need to do 4 pages on your own) in the next 10 days.

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