Quick question: Base on these two paragraph, re-write it as you own word.

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Target Market

Before initiating a marketing campaign, it is important to choose a particular target market who are likely to benefit more from your product. Great advertisements begin by identifying a target market than finding out more about them to know their preferences. Coca-Cola used this technique by first launching the campaign in Australia because it targeted Australian people who are considered to be friendly. With the basic knowledge about the target market, Coca-Cola decided to make sales by directly communicating with its target to create a connection. Coca-Cola wanted to take advantage of their friendliness to interact and connect with consumers. The company, therefore, started the campaign and encouraged Australians to bond and “Share a Coke.” Every advertisement has a particular target market in mind. “Share a Coke” target market consisted of young adults ages 18 to 25.

Appeal used

The appeal used by Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” advertisement was through emotional branding. Emotional branding refers to a marketing communication term that defines the process of creating brands that explain the emotional state of a consumer, aspirations or needs. This technique was successful because consumers were able to relate to the various emotions branded on the coke bottles hence purchasing the soft drinks.

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