Questions for the Negotiating Session.

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For this
assignment, develop four questions that could be asked of Alice Jones, senior
Netflix executive, during an upcoming negotiation session. This information
should be helpful in crafting an integrative bargaining proposal, i.e., a
win-win situation that increases the likelihood of reaching a mutually
beneficial outcome.

In other words, it meets, as best as possible, the extrinsic and intrinsic
interests of both parties.

Specifically, you should keep these criteria in mind:

1.Create questions that will obtain
information about Alice Jones’ interests in the bargaining session. They should
cover all four categories: open, closed, alternative, and leading, as defined
below. Possible questions could explore Alice Jones’ short- and long-term
career plans, personal interests, and any personal challenges she may be
facing. In other words, you are trying to determine Alice Jones’ zone of
potential agreement (ZOPA) and her best alternative to a negotiated agreement

Open-Ended or Socratic Questions—Begin
with who, what, when, where, how, and why. Example: “Why aren’t you taking
some time off?”

Closed Questions—Can be answered with “yes” or
“no.” Example: “Are you ready to begin?”

Alternative Questions—Offer the listener a choice with a few
options. Example: “Do you want to start the meeting at 3:00 or 4:00?”

Leading Questions—Are aimed at soliciting a particular point of
view. Example: “The new vacation policy is very fair, don’t you

2.Make sure the parameters of your questions
are within acceptable legal limits, e.g., avoiding topics such as age, marital
status, any disabilities, religion, race, pregnancy-related questions. For
legal advice, click on this Investopedia link: 8 Things Employers Aren’t
Allowed To Ask You
. A closed caption version of this video can
be found Here. (

3.Compare and contrast the value of each type
of question and whether it will advance an integrative bargaining position.
Refer to the following link for an excellent guide on integrative bargaining
and crafting questions that identify interests of the other party: Integrative or
Interest-Based Bargaining

4.Explain the possible impact of each
question, including whether it would improve the likelihood of success during
the discussion(s) and how it would be perceived. In other words, how will the
questions be perceived? Will they seem manipulative? Fair? Biased?

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