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For your second blog entry, titled Blog 2, reflect on the question “What kind of student am I?” According to the text, self-efficacy is the tendency to have a high degree of self-confidence and the belief that one can accomplish the tasks that she or he sets out to perform.

Take the Self-efficacy Questionnaire:

Copy & paste this code: 10-1152

Student Number: Enter your UIN- 01092567

Grade: Choose Post High School

Choose Gender-Female


Answer the 13-items (5 very like me – 1 very unlike me)


For your blog entry, discuss the type of student you believe yourself to be. Describe your current level of confidence as a student and discuss what factors you believe could possibly increase your confidence levels. Finally, explain your self-efficacy results in relation to your task accomplishments.

Accompany this blog with a representative visual image. Title this image and accompany the title with a brief statement about why you chose this image. a picture/PDF of your Self-Efficacy Results, etc. Feel free to get creative.

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